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Am I locked into a contract for an extended period of time?

No, Crush Glass is a month-to-month service as we understand things can change. We do ask that you honor any extended subscription you paid for and received a discount.  You may cancel at any time, but please be sure to contact us prior to your next scheduled pickup date or subscription renewal.  Please refer to our terms & conditions.


How will I be billed for service?

Payments are set up in order to complete the signup process.  You will make an initial payment and future payments will be automatically processed in the future depending on the subscription you choose.


When will my glass get picked up?

Crush Glass will pick the glass up from your curbside every other week. We might be able to coordinate it with trash day but not a guarantee. Please refer to the pickup calendar to see which weeks we are in Kansas or Missouri.


What if I forget to get my bin out on time?

We require the bins to be out by 7 am on the scheduled pick-up date.  If you forget, then contact us as we may not have reached you yet or might still be in the area.  If not, we are happy to pick up any overflow on the next scheduled pickup but request you notify us.


How do I get a Crush Glass bin?

After you sign up, we will deliver an 18-gallon bin to you on the first scheduled pickup date.


How much is a Crush Glass bin?

The bin is free while Crush Glass services you and will be returned if you cancel.  Please refer to our terms & conditions.  There is a cost for an additional or replacement bin which depends on price of materials at the time of your request. Please contact us to make a request.

What CAN I put in the bin?

We accept glass drinking vessels, food & beverage containers, bottles, candle jars (wax is ok), and much more.  You do not need to remove the labels, but we do ask that you remove the lids, corks, and tops from your empty glass containers. Still not sure? See Ripple Glass's guidelines.

What CAN'T I put in the bin?

We do not accept cardboard, boxes, trash bags, ceramics, porcelain, light bulbs, mirrors, plates, Pyrex & CorningWare, laminated glass/windshields, and more. Still not sure? See Ripple Glass's guidelines.

Can I transfer my service if I move to a new address?

We are happy to transfer service as long as we currently service your area.  Please refer to our service area map.  If we do not service your new area, then learn more about becoming a Crush Glass Ambassador to bring us to your neighborhood and possibly receive one year of free service.

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